Estate Planning

For some people, financial strategies are mainly concerned with how best to go about building a nest egg, and how to make it last through retirement. But for many, there is a desire to ensure their estate delivers benefits beyond their own retirement, and produces a lasting legacy even after they have passed.

Why Estate Planning is Important

If you wish to leave behind a lasting legacy, whether it’s for family and loved ones or a charitable institution, then you need to put a well-thought-out Estate Plan in place, so your legacy is established in accordance with your wishes. Without such a plan, strangers (government, lawyers, or individuals that don’t have your interests in mind) could determine what happens to your estate.

If you wish to ensure that you are in control of what happens to your estate, and if you want to guarantee that your estate is handled in accordance with your directives, then having an Estate Plan is paramount.

What We Can Do For You

Our Estate Planning services include:

  • Helping you understand the important aspects of a will
  • Understanding Powers of Attorney (POA)
  • How to Choose Executors
  • Beneficiaries – why and how to designate
  • Considerations for dependents needs
  • Tax planning considerations (minimizing estate taxes and probate fees)
  • Considerations for protecting your estate
  • Health and welfare considerations
  • Support with the distribution of your estate