Time to Invest... Differently

It's the middle of April and unfortunately as I write this the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a drastic impact on our lives. Many Canadians have been laid off or are working from home, whilst foot traffic in retail areas, parks, transit stations, and grocery stores remain minimal. (See charts and graphs below) 

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COVID-19 & Your Portfolio

Wow... what a crazy month it's been. We've seen people panic-buying toilet paper, record volatility in the markets, and some of the fastest 20% drops in the history of the stock market.

Given the circumstances - I think it may be best to discuss the following topics in this month's newsletter:

- What caused one of the fastest stock market corrections 
- What has happened during other extreme stock market events like the one we're seeing
- What may be expected for the remainder of the year
- What to do in this current market environment

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